=(was)    Martin Persson,    Martin Sääf ,        Jaan Paltman ,
Lars Granath,       Bert Karlsson (now Wikström) at final call

  Or , just to make it easy for you : Khrappar i Södertälje


For all our non Swedish speaking friends we promise that some words will be told, not only in English , but also in Terve Sokratiska.
The name Floyd's Hotel is originally a great R&B song that J Geils Band has recorded. We took this Rock 'n roll title as the name for our band.
Here is our singel, originally made in vinyl on Sonet .
And for you , here it is in MP3 format.
Swedish titel English titel Download MP3 Lyrics
(Han har inte sett klottret på) Tjejernas mugg (He ain’t seen the scrible at) The ladys room cf101 text
Hjärta av guld Heart of gold cf117 text

Let us introduce you to the world of BRUTAL CLIPS – the songs without fade out and without fade in.

With a genious brutality , the recordings here are cut without timing or feeling at all. And some of them ar also
cut in the middle - a brutal brilliance that makes YOU want to send 10 dollars to the church of seeker an bleeding
hearts of Jesus located somewhere ... no that was a Jagger and Richard song, but send 10 dollars to us and have a CD with
the recordings unclipped  in MP3 or a customized CD in normal Audio Format.
 Just send a mail to us and we tell you what to do:


Med fullständig  brist på intelligens och avsaknad av verklighets förankring har följande låtar brutalt klippts i båda ändar
- och en del också i mitten.

Helt okänsligt och otajmat. Detta kan trots allt locka er att skicka 99 kr och få låtarna på CD i MP3 format eller
valda låtar (det som får rum) på en vanlig audio-CD.  Skicka bara ett mail till adressen:  floyd@floydshotel.com så ska vi berätta hur göra.

So here are the Basement tapes, some Nykvarn tapes - the so called Porta Studio tapes and some real studio tapes - when "grabbarna var i finrummet" as we say in Sweden and at the danska slätten.
Swedish titel English titel Download MP3 Lyrics
Åk en mil i min bil (remixad feb 2000) Ride a mile in my car cf102 text
En variant  A variant  cf103 not yet
Hon vill inte va nån elenor rigby She wont be a Elenor Rigby cf104 text
Elektriska Rolling Stones makapärer Electric Rolling Stones things cf105 not yet
Urusel gambler  Awful bad gambler cf107 text
Södertälje hjältar  Heros of Södertälje cf108 text
Stunder under dunder av pulsslag Times of thundering pulse cf110 not yet
Kunde va så lätt (att bli en mördare) How easy 

(to be a killer)

cf112 not yet
Sanslöst konstnär (i källarn live) Unconscious artist cf113 not yet
Nikotinslav baby  Nicotin slave baby cf114 not yet
Haircut pain  Navy cut solider

(is no life to be living)

cf115 not yet
Tusen färger (re -mix -sång feb 2000) Thousand colors cf116 not yet
Pussa din mun live - asså  Kissing your mouth - live cf201 not yet
Hon har en hemlig dröm  She’s got a secret dream cf203 not yet
En pyroman  A pyromania cf204 text
Man av affärer  Man of business cf205 text
Have love - will travel  Häv löv – will traväl cf206
Skiner mot mej (re- mix -sång 2000) Glimmering to me cf207 not yet
Im a hog for you baby  Im a håg får ju bäby cf208
Skyll (inte på mej)  Don’t put the blame on me cf209 not yet
Rosa rågsved shoes  Rose Rågsved Shoes cf210 not yet
Hjärta som blöder(EMI studio) Bleading Heart cf211
Blundar och låtsas blind (CTR studio) Shutting eyes Pretending Blind.  cf212 text
Grammofon i mitt huvud (EMI studio) Gramophone in my head cf213 not yet
Innan du är less och färdig  Before you had it with me cf214 not yet
Bara en fråga om temperatur  Just a question of temperature cf215 not yet
En bilhandlartyp på rymmen  A car-seller type on escape cf216 not yet
Sanslöst konstnär  Sensless artist cf217 not yet
No money down (live in sö-tälje)  No månäj daon cf218

Alla låtar påhittade av
All songs (if you dare or are in a mood to call them so) written by
        Martin Persson with a lots of help from the staff of Floyd’s Hotel
        "Hjärta som blöder" (cf211) by Jaan Paltman
        "Have love will travel" (cf206) by ____
        "I am a hog for you baby" (cf208) by ____
        "No money down" (cf218) by Chuck Berry

Vår slogan "Fräck popmusik för rika kärringar" - en komersiell bomb sedan 20 år tillbaks - ska utvecklas att även innefatta såväl rika som halvfattiga kärringar OCH gubbar samt ungdomar av japanskt ursprung (förutsatt att de har råd att köpa singeln).

Our slogan "Great music for wealthy - rich old ladies" - a comersial success since 20 years - will be developed to include even not so rich old laides and also men and youngsters from Japan

Floyd's Hotel was at the 80:s

Martin Sääf          Bass
Martin Persson     Guitar, vocal
Jaan Paltman        Organ, piano, vocal

And at different times on Drums:
Jylle, Benge Lindbom (also guitar on "Tjejernas mugg") and most of the time, Lars "little Fridolf" Granath

Other members at various time, Bert Wikström Saxophone,
Uffe and Slim guitars.

We started as WestSide Ramblers with Daffy and Walle Wallander and Piltzneck
Then become IQ-Noll with Peter Boström, Frippe, Saffe. IQ-Noll was not so good trying  to get gigs....
Go watch the http://www.crosswinds.net/~IQNOLL for checking up not only the good ol' times, but
also Live recordings for all time.
Thank you J Geils Band. And thanks to all good american music, from the roots in the swamp,up to Maxwell Street, the Chess studio, all  baptis churchs with gospel, blues, R&B, country, Zydeco, rock 'n roll, soul.
Don't worry , the lists of tributes to people, music, bands  and everything babe will be found in the following link.
Here's the Almost complete list